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leah kristin dahlgren teaching one of her art classes with student doug challenger

Leah Kristin Dahlgren with a student in one of her art classes in her studio in Temple, New Hampshire



spacerIn everything I paint, the image has been driven by the desire for realization; fulfillment of creative impulse. Color, light, shadow, composition... all must come together in a way that is perhaps similar to a finely rendered musical chord; an impeccably rendered harmony; something finely tuned. To bring together the elements of a painting and to make them sing--this is my intention and impetus.

Within the activity of painting are myriad choices: whether a color is subtle or bright and its interactions with others: the living qualities and values of light and shadow; balance and asymmetry in composition: what will be defined as form or breathes as space, and so on. In each choice there lives a tension, a fine edge, where creative discernment occurs. These tensions live in my work. They weave within the harmony of the whole. Art classes, the exploration and techniques of the Old Masters and classical painting are taught weekly at Dahlgren Studio in Temple, New Hampshire. The studio is small and will accomodate up to four students. In this intimate space, the teacher has the opportunity to offer individual attention to her students' process.



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