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still life oil painting "pear" by leah kristin dahlgren
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spacer Oil paintings by Leah Kristin Dahlgren, like any beautiful oil painting are a two-dimensional expression, or visual language unique to the artist. Leah Kristin's oil paintings express her ideals and create certain aesthetic qualities with shapes, lines, colors, tones and textures. Her use of these elements produces sensations of volume, space, movement and light on the canvas.

This web site offers oil paintings for sale, prints of oil paintings for sale, information regarding art commissions for still life oil paintings, oil portraits, museum copies of renaissance oil paintings and religious oil paintings.


In addition to her own oil painting, Leah Kristin Dahlgren also offers art lessons at Dahlgren Studio, located in Temple, New Hampshire. Her oil painting classes offer the beginning and experienced painter the ability to learn to paint in the same realistic expression that she has mastered and continues to develop in her oil paintings.



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